As CEO, your brain has the power to mobilise the enormous potential of all of the brains in your business.

Leaders can be catalysts in their organisations if they understand how the neurochemistry in the brain can govern and shape not just our emotions, but also our behaviours.

Mindbridge is a boutique consultancy working closely with major organisations specialising in applied neuroscience in leadership. Our interactive neurosmart™ programme is tailored to work with CEOs and business leaders to focus on their particular business challenge(s).

Who we work with

Mindbridge works with a range of leaders forging the way at some of the world's largest companies.

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At the core of Mindbridge CEO coaching

Business leadership

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Business leadership

Neurosmart™ was completely different – there’s nothing else like it out there in terms of diversity training programmes. Companies have a tendency to always put people into boxes, whereas neurosmart™ helps you understand the difference between people and the thinking you need to draw on everyone’s strengths. Client quote

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When leaders understand the neuroscience to help them as individuals and their teams reduce stress, they can then create conditions to enable the brain’s highly powerful cortex to work at its best. The neurosmart™ programme gives leaders the tools to help achieve this.

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Active research

The neurosmart™ programme undertakes tailored research in key participant groups, e.g. leadership teams and top talent, that enables organisations to implement processes that improve productivity at work.

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What to expect from Mindbridge CEO coaching

Dedicated management coach

A dedicated coach

From the very start your coach will be in your corner, learning the ropes and gaining a deep understanding of your role and challenges as CEO.

More about your dedicated coach

  • Your coach will have vast experience coaching CEOs and business leaders.
  • Mindbridge coaches have backgrounds in business leadership too, we get it.
  • Our Neurosmart™ approach will be at the core of your CEO coaching.
  • We fully understand our client and the business context, this is vital in our delivering real usable insights.
Tailor made coaching program

A tailor made program

Our approach and methods are grounded in science, our CEO coaching programs are developed from each individual's exact situation using the same underpinning principles but to form highly specific solutions.

  • Our approach is completely client centred, it’s your brain and those around you that create the landscape we work with.
  • We meet face to face with our CEO coaching clients, this is a relationship not a process and there’s no better way to get to know you.
  • We delve deep into the shape of your role, your professional challenges and key issues for you as a leader.
  • Our CEO coaching takes places over a series of sessions, the format is personalised to suit you and will involve face to face, e-meetings, phone calls and other multi-media interactions.
Multimedia monitoring of coaching

Multi-media communication

Technology enhances communication, understanding and the effectiveness of our work, we employ the right mix of media for every CEO coaching client.

  • It’s no secret that real face to face contact is priceless when it comes to human relationships
  • The foundation of our CEO coaching is direct contact however we use a range of tools to work with our clients. We can have the best of both worlds and do.
  • Video calling, using the Mindbridge App, links to digital resources and good old email are available as part of our programs.
  • Multi-media communication adds to the flexibility of our CEO coaching ensuring it will fit into your schedule and ideal style of working.
Leadership insights from Mindbridge

Real, usable insights

"Knowing that the content is underpinned by real neuroscience made it far more valuable – all presented very well. Useful insights on how to interact better – I will take time and make a conscious effort to build these into daily habits."
Client quote

  • We know what it’s like to be on the other side of the desk , real corporate experience is a must for Mindbridge coaches.
  • We have developed and tested our frameworks and models of applied neuroscience in the real world. Our approach has been tried tested with busy leaders and delivered real world results.
  • We produce results – link to case studies
  • “The neurosmart™ programme has highlighted how I can engage and motivate people so they contribute their best. To better coach and explain how to perform better.”
    Client quote
Leadership coaching that's fun!

You will have fun!

Our coaching puts your brain in a state of 'thrive', having fun exploring your world of work is essential.

  • You will feel confronted but supported, you will be listened to.
  • We’ll find ways to use your real world experiences to help you learn to notice things not on your radar.
  • You’ll become fascinated by the topics and our insights.
  • Through finding enjoyment in making discoveries our sessions will truly expand how you lead

I have developed models of applied neuroscience in action. These have been tried and tested with busy leaders.

Kate Lanz
CEO mindbridge

Kate Lanz, CEO of Mindbridge A purple background glow

My vision is to build brain-friendly working environments. I want to help leaders understand the power of igniting the neuro-chemistry that causes people’s brains to thrive. This enables them to be a positive influence on motivation and performance through the application of modern neuroscience.

At Mindbridge, we partner carefully and closely – we build long-term relationships and provide a safe environment to explore challenges and issues. By doing so, we are able to get close to the people and the culture of the organisation we’re working with, and can then provide a bespoke, focused and relevant approach.

More about our NeurosmartTM Approach

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