The neurosmart™ programme helps to raise awareness of how to: connect with colleagues to cause optimal brain performance; access untapped potential in teams, and increase motivation and engagement by building trust. These are all critical measures to ensure that companies create an environment that is attractive to key future talent.

We have the experience, training and research-based capacity to explore deeply and safely the individual’s brain patterning. We help to map this specifically to work practices and aspects of culture that either enhance or inhibit change and performance. The depth, care and precision, based in neuroscience, with which we work makes a sustainable difference for our clients.


Mindbridge excels in specialist one to one leadership coaching. We have a stellar track record in supporting leaders to create the personal changes they need to make to be successful.

The coaching work is up close, personal, pragmatic, deep, insightful and fun.
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Mindbridge CEO Executive Coaching Services


The Mindbridge workshop series provides an accelerated means of sharing cutting edge applied research from neuroscience with groups of leaders. The sessions are highly interactive, combining live coaching with the workshop environment and learning via real case studies and Kate’s primary research.
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CEO & Executive Workshops


Kate is available to speak at leadership conferences, business dinners or as part of a broader leadership programme. She is a highly engaging speaker who loves to share her experience and research insights in the field of applied neuroscience in business.
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Kate Lanz speaking on leadership, diversity and business culture


Kate supervises small groups of senior coaches supporting them to learn about the application of neuroscience in their own coaching practice.

All of the Mindbridge services are available virtually as business circumstances require.
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