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... uniting the study of neuroscience with coaching interventions for impressive business results.

Welcome to mindbridge

The mindbridge approach is unique. It brings together coaching expertise with an understanding of how our brains actually work. Our approach is specifically tailored to the needs of each individual company. We work with business leaders on real workplace challenges, drawing on a blend of applied neuroscience, practical tools developed through our own research and our bespoke approach to coaching. We help leaders to access the best of all the brains in the business.

We enable businesses to become genuinely more brain-friendly places to work, supporting every individual to become more effective. Through mindbridge, we aim to ignite and inspire people’s brains on an individual, team and organisational level.

The proof...

‘This is trailblazing. Frontier territory for corporate coaching that breaks barriers and shifts cultures so that everyone benefits.’

Client quote


From Kate...

‘Our coaching at mindbridge brings applied neuroscience alive for our clients and delivers real business results. We are delighted with our clients’ response to our neurosmart programmes and the changes that they are enabling.’

Kate Lanz
CEO, mindbridge


At the heart of mindbridge is tailored one-to-one coaching, enhanced by the insights provided through neuroscience. In addition, we support our coaching with the neurosmart programme – an interactive programme designed to educate executives about applied neuroscience in leadership and specifically, the neuroscience of gender, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.