Takeaway for the modern mind

Takeaway for the modern mind

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Neuroscience is changing our understanding of why and how people behave the way they do. At Mindbridge we want to bridge the gap between the rigorous science and the practical needs of business.

20 C psychology had lots of theories of human behaviour but failed to provide a scientific basis for understanding it. 21C neuroscience is informing us that people are not primarily psychological systems but physical systems – individuality is created by the complexity of how experience attached to genetics creates a different brain for everyone – even if the parts are essentially the same.

Brain Bites will take you on a journey of understanding through to application in short easy to digest bite size pieces.

episode 02 – About how brains work

published 21 Aug 2020

episode 01 – Introduction to brainbites

published 21 Aug 2020

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