Welcome to our new website!

mindbridge website

A whole new home for our digital presence

Mindbridge is all about getting the best out of brains and we’ve been putting ours together with a group of creative and digital people to find a better way for us to relate to our clients and followers through our website.

I’m excited to unveil our new website, we’re looking forward to expanding how we use the site to reach our clients and bring our insights to a wider audience in the online space.

What’s new?

We’re now making videos for everyone!
Mindbridge has used video media as part of our coaching and workshop services but now we’re going to be sharing content with the entire world of management professionals & beyond. Our videos are called BrainBites. With each one you get a nugget of wisdom that can help you grow your brain awareness in everyday life . We don’t want you to miss out on a single one so check out our subscribe page and make sure you follow us on the platforms of your preference.

More fun!
We’ve always been a fun bunch of people and our humorous rapport with our clients has always been an essential ingredient. We wanted our website to be a bit more fun and interesting to browse. Our developers spent weeks at the digital grindstone making sure this was a site you’ll enjoy browsing.

No news is bad news.
Our world is full of interesting science, intriguing business insights and fantastic real life human stories. Now we’ll be bringing this to you in articles just like this one. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay in the loop.

More science.
Science is the study of what is. We’ve always understood that if you aren’t prepared to study what is, you’re likely to fail to get results in the real world. Mindbridge coaching has it’s roots in the parts of neuroscience that describe how brains work and in particular how the differences between brains can help us understand the differences between personalities in the modern workplace. Our cutting edge NeuroSmart™ approach deals with brains as they truly are and helps leading executives unlock the enormous potential of all of the brains in their business. The new website helps make the basic concepts of the science that underpins out work more accessible to an online world.

All the brains – in the world!
Mindbridge has a fantastic reputation with our clients in some of the most successful organisations on earth, our results have spoken for themselves and our skills are in demand. The new site offers much more to our client base but our real ambition is to reach out to everyone. We think our ideas need to be heard and understood by the widest audience possible. We believe with a passion that the more brain differences are understood and respected, the better the human race can face the challenges of the future.

Watch this space!

This is just the start of our new digital house-move.

We’ve still got to unpack all the boxes, arrange our nick-nacks and make ourselves at home. If you like what you’ve seen so far, be sure to keep popping back to find out what’s new in our world.

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