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Modern neuroscience is producing a rapidly developing scientific understanding of how the brain actually works. This can be practically and intelligently applied in business. This is an exciting, historical pivot point as the body of knowledge shifts from a descriptive model of brain and behaviour, to a scientific, explanatory one. Understanding the conditions that support optimal brain function for all individuals in the organisation enables all the brains in the business to perform at their best.

the NeurosmartTM approach

How brain science can inform business leadership

Human experience is a relationship between the most primal parts of your brain and the modern human mind, that evolved in much more recent human history. The truth is that our brains are a personal blend of nature and nurture, resulting in the individual brain that is as unique to us each as our fingerprint. Building workplace cultures that enable each individual brain to access the neurochemistry of thrive and performance, builds trust and drives performance. Sharing an understanding of applied brain science and practical frameworks to use these insights, is at the heart of what we do.

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The neurosmart™ approach makes you aware of factors that could be at play when certain emotional responses are triggered. You start to analyse situations more, try and understand why someone may be reacting in the way they do and how to turn those survive responses into thrive responses. - Client quote

gender diversity in the workplace

Really enjoyed the neurosmart™ content … My default approach would not be to get the best out of the “female brains” but I can see how raising awareness, and understanding different types of people and different ways to approach them, really leverages everyone’s strengths and makes a difference at a team and individual level. - Client quote

Diverse Brains drive better business outcomes

Modern neuroscience is revealing that brain diversity has an underpinning neurobiological component and that there is such a thing as a more female brain and a more male brain. Our brains are like a mosaic that exist on a spectrum, made up of a mixture of ‘pink’ and ‘blue’. Any leader committed to unlock the talent and productivity of all their people needs to understand these findings about male and female brain differences. They are a potent source of competitive advantage and the potency exists in leveraging the differences.

Tailored, Tried and Tested

At Mindbridge we conduct bespoke research and translate cutting edge neuroscience into easy to use tools for busy business leaders, executives at all levels and their teams. The insights and approach will help you understand yourself and others better, more quickly and more deeply, promoting greater connection and more effective relationships. This is the Neurosmart™ approach and enriching leadership thinking at the highest level is our mission.

Business coaching at the highest level

This has helped me understand how the brain functions and the impact on our daily working lives. It has been useful to me as a leader as it has helped bring awareness of how I can actively motivate people (and their brains). - Client quote

Mindbridge Services

We enable businesses to become genuinely more brain-friendly places to work, supporting every individual to become more effective. Through mindbridge, we aim to ignite and inspire people’s brains on an individual, team and organisational level.

Kate Lanz
CEO mindbridge

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The Mindbridge approach is unique. It brings together coaching expertise with an understanding of how our brains actually work. Our approach is specifically tailored to the needs of each individual company. We work with business leaders on real workplace challenges, drawing on a blend of applied neuroscience, practical tools developed through our own research and our bespoke approach to coaching. We help leaders to access the best of all the brains in the business.

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