episode 01 – Introduction to brainbites

Welcome to the first episode!

Brainbites is a video series aimed at everyone, we will take you on a journey of discovery into understanding applied neuroscience and what it has to say about brain diversity. You’ll get a balanced diet of scientific concepts, business research and our conclusions on what it all means for modern society.

Each video is just a little ‘bite’ so follow us on social media for regular servings!

About Mindbridge

Mindbridge use applied neuroscience to coach top managers in some of the largest companies on earth. The concepts that underpin our approach are highly significant in the boardroom of a 21st Century company but are equally important to all of us in how we understand each other and interact in our everyday lives.

Through the BrainBites series of videos we hope to inspire new understanding in people from every background, any occupation and everywhere in the world.

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about how the brain works diagram

About how brains work