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‘This [programme] has helped me understand how the brain functions and the impact on our daily working lives. It has been useful to me as a leader as it has helped bring awareness of how I can actively motivate people (and their brains).’

Our approach

At mindbridge, we partner carefully and closely – we build long-term relationships and provide a safe environment to explore challenges and issues. By doing so, we are able to get close to the people and the culture of the organisation we’re working with, and can then provide a bespoke, focused and relevant approach.

Coaching – We specialise in both team and one-to-one leadership coaching to drive sustainable brain-friendly change that address your business challenge(s).

Performance diagnosis – Using our neurosmart app, we can pinpoint which work practices are both optimal and suboptimal, where flow is happening or blockages are occurring and at what layer of the organisation. You can develop a picture of your organisational energy flow.

Educating leaders – Our interactive neurosmart programme is tailored to work with leaders to focus on their particular business challenge(s).

Tools – We introduce practical tools, based in applied neuroscience, that can be used for effective behavioural change immediately. These tools can be specifically tailored to your part of the organisation based in bespoke neuroscientific research.

Monitoring progress – Through our neurosmart app, we can monitor and measure progress and give thematic feedback at a team and organisational level.

Team development – The neurosmart programme helps teams reach high performance through a carefully developed Neurosmart Team Performance programme.

Why work with mindbridge... what’s different about us?

We have the experience, training and research-based capacity to explore deeply and safely the individual’s brain patterning. We help to map this specifically to work practices and aspects of culture that either enhance or inhibit change and performance. The depth, care and precision, based in neuroscience, with which we work makes a sustainable difference for our clients.

Mindbridge App

Amongst the tools that Kate and the team employs on the neurosmart programme is the mindbridge app that has been developed in direct response to client-based research. The app assists clients to form new habits that support optimal brain function. The app is based in real client research so suits the life of a busy executive.