Neuroscience & Nutrition: Sustainable strategies to reduce stress & stay effective

Neuroscience and nutrition a webinar with Kate Lanz
21 Jul 2020 , 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm (GMT)

Event description

In the second of this series of short webinars, Kate Lanz will be joined by experienced nutritional therapist Anna Pugh.

Kate and Anna bring together cutting edge neuroscience and nutrition science to help you understand how we respond to stress. Demonstrating the enormous impact that long term stress has on our gut microbiome and ability to be effective, as well as the risk of burnout this presents for individuals and organisations.

Clear your diary for just half an hour for practical insights, advice and takeaways to help you improve gut health. And support #allthebrains in the business.

Surviving and thriving through Coronavirus is going to be a marathon rather than a sprint. And for many, lethargy is already starting to kick-in. So how do we stay motivated and effective under sustained pressure? And how can organisations avoid employee burnout and enhance wellbeing in the long-term?

The latest neuroscience and nutrition science show us that there is a huge mind-body connection. And it’s far more important than you might think. Join our webinar and find out how to create the optimal conditions for effectiveness – at work and at home – by feeding your body and your brain.

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