Get the Best of ‘All the Brains’ in a Crisis and Beyond

Kate Lanz Mindbridge Webcast Brain Gender and Covid Crisis
22 Oct 2020 , 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (GMT)

Tune in for our webcast in October

Tune in for Kate’s webcast hosted with the Conference Board. Kate will be sharing her latest doctoral research to explain how understanding how your brain works lights the way to managing your mind for optimal performance especially at times of stress. Learning more about Kate’s research in applied neuroscience and how gender plays a role in how our brains respond to stress, can help business leaders and all of us understand how better to manage stresses like living and working with COVID-19.

Event info

Be sure to register in advance with the link in the toolbar above, the webcast is by invitation only but is open to any H.R or management professional who feels they’d value the content.

Kate will share with participants the following takeaways:

  • Key neuroscientific insights into how to manage your mind for adaptation.
  • Key differences between female and male brains under stress, how to spot them and utilize them to good effect.
  • A brain friendly model for enabling ongoing change for yourself and to help you lead your teams in a virtual and challenging environment.

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