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I found it very engaging and empowering. Excellent mix of learning techniques and valuable tools, founded in science.

Client quote

What our clients say

‘The course makes you aware of factors that could be at play when certain emotional responses are triggered. You start to analyse situations more, try and understand why someone may be reacting in the way they do and how to turn those survive responses into thrive responses.’

‘There is a big gap between what science knows and what business does. Neurosmart™ helped me personally close that gap a bit. A must for everyone!’

‘Really enjoyed the neurosmart™ content … It helped me raise awareness. Really helped in understanding different types of people and understanding different ways to approach them and leveraging everyone’s strengths.’

‘Neurosmart™ at the time, one of the only things that “saved me” last year – the coaching, support network, generous approach – got me through.’

‘Working with a new client – feels different – like an exchange and sharing rather than attributing blame. A “togetherness”, openness and shared vulnerability. I have changed the way I respond to client’s needs – keeping the client more informed as otherwise he feels like he doesn’t know what’s going on and gets aggressive and defensive.’

‘I can see how important the power of thrive is and small tangible activities that make a difference. The tips for managing teams are very helpful.’

‘The practical “so what” of the scientific theory gives actions we can take. It will allow me to focus my actions on driving the right thrive outcomes in myself and others.’

‘I found it very engaging and empowering. Excellent mix of learning techniques and valuable tools, founded in science.’

‘Extremely useful workshop, I can directly apply to team members in every wave of professional life. Dissecting brain elements and linking it to work/life and ensure thrive thinking.’

‘Neurosmart™ has given me some helpful tools to deal with stress.’

‘It created awareness about physiological differences and how they interfere with team effectiveness. We can pay more attention to those differences and look out for triggers of survive .’

‘It was the best coaching we’ve done! It will be useful for partners to genuinely understand how to shift culture.’