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Mindbridge Mission

We unite applied neuroscience with coaching interventions for impressive business results. We are passionate about supporting leaders to understand behaviour from a brain-based perspective. We help to create more productive, energised, agile and innovative working environments. Our commitment is to enable leaders to access the best from all the brains in the business.

About mindbridge

Modern neuroscience is producing a rapidly developing scientific understanding of how the brain actually works. This can be practically and intelligently applied in business. This is an exciting, historical pivot point as the body of knowledge shifts from a descriptive model of brain and behaviour, to a scientific, explanatory one. Understanding how the chemical reactions triggered in the brain affect behaviour can now be applied in organisations.

Kate became fascinated by ‘the brain at work’ after the financial crisis in 2008 when she noticed some distinct patterns in the behaviours of her clients. Kate started to look at the return on investment from the performance of some of the brains of the clients she was working with. Since then, Kate’s doctoral research, in partnership with clients, has established what it takes to enable a ‘brain-friendly working culture’ in a modern organisation. As a result of this research, mindbridge was born.

‘Mindbridge coaching is all about being neurosmartâ„¢. Our programmes range from individual coaching to supporting culture change and are based in applied neuroscience. We deliver proven business results.’

Kate Lanz
CEO, mindbridge

‘Mindbridge enables business to become more brain friendly, supporting teams and individuals to work smarter in their day-to-day practice.’

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